Parts handling occupies machine cycle time, it can become very labor intensive and time consuming. To reduce the operator work load, enable light-out manufacturing, or to implement a machining cell, many shops find it necessary to automate this process, or at least separate the part handling from machining, run it parallely on the background.

Modern CNC machines lend themselves perfectly to various automation solutions. Our engineering department has implemented numerous automation projects over the years, check out the following systems we have implemented.
We offer these automation systems on top of our standard CNC machine tools when you need them.

Gantry Loader for CNC Lathe - WES'TECH

CNC Gantry Robots have been designed to fit the need for a standard and quick solution to most of the material handling and CNC machine tool loading needs. CNC Gantry Robots are simple, durable and cost effective. Although gantry robots are mostly used for CNC lathe, it can be used on CNC mill, or combination of the both. New controls with exceptional GUI and programmability create a new industry class benchmark.

Unattended loading of CNC lathes, mills.
Integrated parts feeding and handling.
Delivery parts between machines.
Fast traverse speed up to 7,086ipm.
Built-in diagnostics.
Handles 2 parts ea. weighting up to 35 kg.

Often coupled with a pallet magazine, gantry loader pick up a new part from magazine tray, enter the machine, unload the finished part, finger index and load the new part into spindle, deliver the finished part to magazine tray. Repeat.

-Various Configurations
The gantry design is standard and modular, after reviewing the work piece, proper fingers and magazine are selected or made. The Gantry system can span over multiple CNC machines.

-Fully Integrated
WES'TECH gantry loader is fully integrated with CNC machines with extensive confirmation exchanges between CNC machines and gantry loader.

-Local Installation and support by Compumachine

Compumachine provides complete turnkey installation in your facility, offers local warranty and support within New England.

WES'TECH Gantry Brochure (PDF 870kb)

While WES'TECH is third-party, bolt-on automation, which can apply to any brand name machines.

Amada Wasino machines offer one-source integrated automatic turning. Each machine is factory automated to deliver the highest accuracy and repeatability while minimizing set-up time. This allows Amada Wasino to provide compact solutions with the greatest efficiency today and the flexibility needed for the jobs of tomorrow.

Wasino machines have solid reputations of being accurate and reliable, many shops have them running for decades and still making good parts. With built-in automation for parts loading and unloading, Wasino machines are your answers for Medium to large batch turning production.

Pallet Cell for HMC - FASTEMS

FASTEMS flexible pallet container (FPC) system is easy to interfaced with our Horizontal Machine Centers. This system can expand with additional pallets, new container units, even machine tools to better meet future challenges.

Cost-effective alternative to pallet pools.
Quick installation and start-up.
Extendable to link with a 2nd HMC machines immediately or in the future.
Lights-Out autopilot mode, operator manual command mode.
Simple & advance cell control for setup, scheduling and monitoring.

The cell control has the MDI mode for setup and tomb stone preparation. The autopilot mode allow operator to schedule, assign NC programs, prioritize the jobs, and automatically run 1 or 2 HMCs. The finished tomb stones can be sent to loading station if operator is present, or to storage if not.

-Various Pallet Sizes
FASTERMS FPC can accommodate pallet size from 400mmx400mm to 500mmx500mm to 630mmx630mm.

-Third Party Advantage
FASTERMS FPC are free to adapt to many brands of HMC. Unlike the single-source system,
you don't have to lock into any machine size, type or supplier for future expansion,  

-Fully Integrated
FASTERMS FPC is fully integrated with HMC machines, cell controller can take over the running of HMCs.

-Local Installation and support by Compumachine

Compumachine provides complete turnkey installation in your facility, offers local warranty adn support within New England.

FASTEMS FPC Brochure (PDF 1mb)

Pallet Station for VMC - MIDACO

MIDACO pallet system offers an affordable and easy automatic solution for Vertical Machine Centers.

Load, unload, inspect parts and set up jobs while alternate pallet is in the machine.
Reduce set up time on repeat jobs by dedicating tooling onto pallets.
Heavy/large work pieces easily loaded outside the machine.
Pallets easily interchanged between machines or departments.
Exchange pallet in seconds with +/-0.0001" repeatability.

While the alternate pallet is on the machine, the operator sets up the next pallet. Once ready, the operator pushes the "Pallet Ready" button and walks away to attend other activities. When the pallet in the machine is complete, the next pallet shuttles in automatically.

-Various Pallet Sizes

MIDACO automatic pallet systems range from X22"Y13" to X120"Y30".

-Fully Integrated
MIDACO's PLC is fully integrated with the CNC machine through M codes.

-Local Installation and support by Compumachine

Compumachine provides complete turnkey installation in your facility, offers local warranty and support within New England.
MIDACO Brochure (PDF 1.7mb)

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