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SERVICES : Automation and Machine-cell


Robot-Based Automation
Robot-based automation gives the productivity of your machine tools a decisive boost. There is potential for productivity and profitability enhancement in every manufacturing step. Robots enable you to automate a wide range of processes such as parts handling, deburring, cleaning, as well as quality control during the manufacturing process. You can increase productivity even further by linking different machines with robot to create a Flexible Machining Cell.
     • Parts Handling
     • Deburing & Cleaning
     • Qulity Control
     • To Form a Machine Cell

Gantry-Loader Automation
CNC Gantry Loader is designed for material handling and CNC machine tool loading needs. CNC Gantry Loaders are simple, durable and cost effective. Although Gantry Loaders are mostly used for CNC lathe, it can be used on CNC mill, or combination of the both. New controls with exceptional GUI and programmability make it easy to learn and simple to operate.
     • Unattended loading of CNC lathes, mills
     • Integrated parts feeding and handling
     • Delivery parts between machines
     • Fast traverse speed

Two videos below show one example of Robot-Based Automation and one example of Gantry-Loader Automation ... Please contact us for your automation project.

ROBOT-Based vs. GANTRY-Loader Automation

AutomatiC Turning Center

w/ Integrated Auto Loader

While a third-party bolt-on automation is most flexible and can apply to any machines. Takamaz machines offer one-source integrated automatic turning. Each machine is factory automated to deliver the highest accuracy and repeatability while minimizing set-up time. This allows Takamaz to provide compact solutions with the greatest efficiency today and the flexibility needed for the jobs of tomorrow.

Takamaz machines have solid reputations of being accurate and reliable, many shops have them running for decades and still making good parts. With built-in automation for parts loading and unloading, Takamaz machines are your answers for medium to large batch turning production.