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rotary table is a quick & cost-efficient way to expand your standard machine center with 4-axis or 5-axis machining capability

Multi-axis machining is growing in popularity among virtually every market segment beyond its traditional aerospace industry. But a full generic 5 axis machine can still be price prohibit, they usually are small in travel stroke, the usage can be limited to specialty applications, make them costly to own. Rotary tables on the other hand, can add comparable 4-axis or 5-axis machining capability to your exiting machine center with fraction of the cost. With feature like quick disconnection, you can easily remove it to free up the table surface for everyday conventional parts.

An add-on 4th axis rotary table can convert your existing 3 axis machining center into a full 4 axis CNC machining center, this allows spindle access to work piece from various angles in one setup that might take several setups with a conventional 3 axis machine (as demoed by the video on the right). Your setup number is reduced and part accuracies are improved. The 4th axis is fully integrated with your control and the NC program rests in CNC.

Compumachine can also upgrade your existing 3 axis machine to 5 axis machine as well. A tilting rotary table provides all of the benefits of the 4th axis integration described above, plus an extra axis of titling. With a tilting rotary A/B table, spindle can access to any arbitrary angle of the work piece, further reduce the setup needed for complex parts.

Palletize machines present additional challenges. Compumachine can provide a cable management system to allow rotary table(s) maintain a continuous cable connection throughout a pallet change.

Most CNC controls are capable of supporting 4th and 5th axis, if yours cannot, Compumachine will review your CNC machine limitation, and provide other solution, such as an indexing control unit. The indexing control unit can be used for the 4th axis, or 5th axis, or both. These indexers communicate with your CNC control through M codes. Quick disconnect function allows the removal of the rotary table when is not used.

Compumachine offers complete turnkey installation in your facility within New England. Our installation time can be as little as one day. Little or no involvement from the end-user is required. Machine operators and programmers will be completely trained before we leave.

We specialize on Fanuc & Fadal CNC control, welcome inquires on any vertial or horizontal machine centers equipped with these controls. While we typically used Tsudakoma rotary tables, various brands such as Nikken, Yukiwa, Yuasa and Cal-Motion are also available.

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